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With its geographical coordinates 52 31' 11" North, 6 22' 57" West, Raheenduff or "Black little fort" in English, is a small village situated in County Wexford, South East Eire.

Today, the Cooney Family own most of the farmland in Raheenduff along with the local grain store "Kevin Cooney Grain Ltd". In the early 1900's there were only eight houses. Houses 1 & 7 occupied the Cooney Family, House 2 occupied by Mr Cullen, House 3 occupied by the Mythen Family, House 4 occupied by the Webster family, Houses 5 & 6 occupied by the Devereux family and House 8 was occupied with the Earle family. The village looks similar today as it did in the 1900's especially at

Raheenduff Cross-Roads- South East Wexford in Ireland

the Cross Roads where opposite the village grain store, Phil Redmond runs the local Public

Raheenduff - South East Wexford in Ireland - Phil Redmonds Bar


House and Local Stores pictured left. It's great that it hasn't change much, as you can still buy your newspaper and exchange your thoughts over a pint of Porter, but you use money these days and not exchange your farm goods as collateral. In the 50's the small post box was planted just behind the Pub and can be found there today. The Cooney family occupied house number 1 in Raheenduff in the early 1900s, which happens to be the grocers and bar that is run today by Phil Redmond. For more details

on the reisdence of Raheenduff in the 1900's click on the Family names listed below.

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